Thursday, June 4, 2009

Walgreens Super Run $9.84 for 14 items with $10 RR for next time!

These were the results from my Walgreens trip today. On each transaction I ran my loot the the car and came back in to shop again so I wouldn't get confused and so the cashier wouldn't say too much.
Transaction #1
Bayer Glucose Meter On Sale for $10
-Bayer up to $30 coupon (They will adjust it down to $10)
Total Paid= $0.77 (Tax in NV) and got $10 Register Reward!

Transaction #2
2 Fiber Plus Granola Bars 2 @ $2.50
2 Kellogs Cereal Bars 2 @ $2.50
1 Ecotrin Asprin 45 ct $2.00
-1 Ecotrin $2
-$10 Register Reward from Trans #1
Paid $0.15 Out of Pocket and got a $2 RR from the Ecotrin and $3 RR from the Fiber Plus and Kellogs Bars.

Transaction #3
Bag O Socks (10 Pair) $2 (This was different in the ad but in store, it was even less)
Jane Eye Stix $1 (On Clearance)
Bayer Glucose Meter $10
-$30 Bayer Glucose Meter coupon (Adjusted to $10)
-Used the $3 RR from Trans 2
Paid $1.01 Out of Pocket and got a $10 RR from Bayer

Transaction #4
Bakugan Game for a Birthday present $9.99
Fly Swatter #1 $.99 (Need it for a kids' game I am in charge of on Sunday)
-$10 RR from Trans #3
Total $1.83 ($.85 Tax)

Transaction #5
Bayer Glucose Meter $10
Fly Swatter #2 $.99
-$30 Bayer Glucose Meter coupon (Adjusted to $10)
Total $1.84 and Got a $10 RR from Bayer

Transaction #6
Revlon Pink Blowdryer $12.99
Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner $19.99
M&M's $.69 for filler (Had to act fast because I forgot about the 1 coupon per item rule)
-$10 RR from Trans #5
-$2 RR from Trans #2
-$19.99 Scrubbing Bubbles coupon (I bought one for $4 when it was on sale at Walgreens but it didn't work. I called the company and they sent me a coupon for a new one.)
Total $4.24 ($1.68 plus $2.56 tax- NV is expensive) and I got a $10 RR back from the Revlon Blowdryer
SO My grand total for all these Items= $9.84

So, my grand total for 14 items was $9.84 and I still have a $10 RR to shop with next week. I was very happy with my trip to Walgreens!

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  1. Anyone looking for a good deal on vitamins? I just read the details on my Walgreen receipt and get this......ONLY IN THE 7/12/09 SUNDAY NEWS PAPER CIRCULARS there’s a flyer for Centrum Vitamins available at Walgreens for 99¢ after rebates!

    Reg. $6.99 - $5 rebate -$1 coupon = 99¢

    I'm always looking to save a buck on healthcare! :)