Thursday, June 25, 2009

Check your Reciepts

I got home from shopping yesterday and had a chance to look at my receipts. I am glad I went over them because I had 2 things happen that shouldn't have. At Albertson's I got charged twice for one set of hot dogs. Why would I buy two when I only had one free coupon? They took care of it with out any problems. At Smiths, I ended up with a box of Bisquick for $1.99 that I didn't even pick out. Did I need Bisquick? No, I already bought that last week for 30 cents each with a 60 cent off coupon. You know how it says under the line item on your receipt "You saved .80" to tell you how much you saved by being a rewards member? The girl at customer service subtracted that from my $1.99 before she gave me a refund. Wait a minute, I paid $1.99 but you are only going to refund $1.19? I thought that meant if I didn't have a rewards card, I would have paid $2.79. It is only .80 cents but I feel gypped! I am not going to drag my 3 kids back there though for .80 cents. Oh well.

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