Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eyeglasses for Pennies on the Dollar!

This is one of the best deals that I have found out about since I have been reading about saving money online. I found this website called Zenni Optical from Money Saving Mom and since my son just came home with a note that he needed glasses, I thought I would try it out. I went to the eye doctor and got his exam and prescription, then I ordered the actual glasses online at Zenni Optical. You do need to ask for a measurement they don't usually write down called pupillary distance but the doctor at Walmart was great when I asked her for it. (Some shops try to keep that to themselves so you have to get glasses from them.) Anyway, Zenni has some unbelievable prices on glasses, starting at $8. We ordered one pair of children's glasses at $8 and then splurged with another titanium half frame spring loaded frame for $22. Both pairs with anti-reflective coating and shipping cost me $48. If you have ever ordered glasses before, you KNOW that this was a great deal, especially since you also know these glasses will eventually be lost (kids). Also, they make you in charge of your prescription, so if you have the info, you can order a pair even outside of a year. This was a great example of me being able to Do More for Less!

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