Monday, August 31, 2009

Albertsons Fun

I don't know why my camera doesn't take very good pictures- maybe its the operator! Anyway. I went to use the Double coupons at Albertsons because I was so excited about them and I was able to save, save and save! Total for this was $9.71! (I had $20 in coupons from last week). I did 2 transactions today. The first was the Hunts deal buy $25 and get $10 back. I bought 10 Hunts tomatoes, 10 ketchup's, and 2 PAM cooking spray along with 2 bags of carrots and 2 cheese slices. That total was $27.96 minus my $20 in coupons. I got my $10 back then my second transaction was all the rest with coupons. I used the double coupons on the mission tortillas and coupons again for the lemonade, carrots, cheese and Doritos! Total for that was $1.75 after my $10 coupon. I like this game.

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