Monday, April 20, 2009

Employees know nothing about Kmart Double Coupons

Well, I went to Kmart prepared with all the double coupons I was going to use but decided to verify with the store before I went shopping that they were running the double coupon special. Boy, was I glad I did. They knew nothing about it! I showed the manager the email from the customer service department saying they WERE participating but the managers said NO.

I did learn a tidbit of info though. The reason why they are not participating is because they are converting from a Super K (grocery) to a Big K (non-grocery) next week. Apparently, all grocery will be 30% off initially. I was tempted to keep this to myself but since my readership is in its infant stage, I figure no harm done- I can still beat you there!

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  1. Well, I'm flattered! You are doing great. Come to my advanced class on Friday to learn more if you want...even though you haven't hosted a class for me! Elissa