Monday, September 21, 2009

Albertsons, Walgreens Success!

I just went out to get a few things that we needed. We switched our baby to soy milk to see if he would sleep better through the night and we also needed diapers. At Walgreens, I picked up the Huggies deal (Sale price $8.99 -$2 Huggies coupon -$1 off from the Coloring Book) My total was $5.99 each for 2 packs but since I had done the Triaminic Deals last week, I had 3 $5 coupons to pay for them. I added in some other things I wanted (candy) and then checked out. I paid $2.83 cents. Pretty good deal I think!

So then I went to Albertsons to buy the Soy Milk, a bag of chips and some eggs. The total would have been $12 something but since I had a $5 coupon from last week and since they let me use another $5 coupon from Walgreens (not all checkers do this-ask nicely) I again only had to pay about $2. I feel like I got 2 packs of Diapers, candy, Soy Milk, chips, eggs and 6 bottles of Triaminic all for about $35. It was a good deal because they were things we needed.

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  1. Are you saying you used a $5 register rewards coupons at Albertson's. Geez, I need to know what checker you've been using.