Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sterling's Birthday

I pulled it off! Sterling's birthday was a success. Everyone had a lot of fun. While I didn't make every choice based on the best deal, I was able to incorporate quite a few deals into the party making it less expensive, besides the fact that we only got Sterling 1 present and let the party do the rest.
Used the buy 2 Coca-Cola sodas and get 2 free and 1 free 24 pack of water free (used my $10 coupon too)= Total price around $5
Used 2 Caprisuns for the kids that I got with the Vons Living Well promo @$1 each.
Used $30 in RR at Walgreens for the Squirt Guns= Free
Considering those deals I still spent $15 on pizza (Little Ceasars) and $45 at Party City. (Used 2 $10 coupons wyb $30 in 2 transactions)
But most importantly, the kids all had fun!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog... so sorry for the inconveinence on the Iceland coupon it is for Joint Health NOT the fish oil. I do apologize.
    I just started my blog a coup[le months ago and I really enjoy letting other people know about the deals I find here in Fort Worth TX.
    Thanks again.

  2. Zeke was bummed he missed the party. Well, actually, he doesn't really know. Today on the way to church he said, Mom, when's Sterling's Pirate party? I said I think it got cancelled. He said, why do you think that? I said, because his mom called and said it was cancelled. Then he asked Why did she say it was cancelled. I said, sterling was sick. Oh, the lies... Then he said, I don't cancel my party when i'm sick. I explained that we actually do. Anyway, I'm sorry he missed it. He obviously really wanted to go as well. I'm loving your blog. You are doing great and don't need me.